Our Product Range


Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement (Knee , Hip, Elbow, Shoulder both Primary and Revision) and Mega (Tailor Made) Prosthesis

Trauma & Sports Medicine Arthroscopy

Full Trauma Range – All varieties of Plates and Screws used for Fracture Fixation, Hemi-Arthroplasty, Bipolar Implants etc. Arthroscopy Imaging Systems, powered surgical instruments,biologics, arthroscopic instrumentation, implants, fixation and tissue repair systems for diagnostic purposes, minor surgeries and complex reconstructions of knees, shoulders and small joints such as the wrist and ankle,limb lengthening and Reconstruction by external Fixation.

Neuro Surgery, Spinal Implants Craniotomy Plates / Mesh

Full range of Implants and Instruments used for Spine Surgery, Craniotomy Mesh, Titanium Screws and Plates, Craniotomy Drapes etc.

Power Tools & Wound Irrigation

Orthopedic, Maxillofacial, Oral, ENT, Craniotomy, Nero Surgery, Plastic Surgery Power Tools. Pulse Lavage Systems, Autopsy Saws, Plaster Cast Cutters etc.

O M F & Plastic Surgery (Small Bone)

Oral Maxillofacial Plates and Screws and all other appliances used in OMF Surgery and Mini Plates and Screws ,Dermatomes, Skin Grafting Apparatus etc.

External Fixation and Deformity Correction

External and Internal Fracture Fixation Devices, Limb Reconstruction Systems for Deformity Correction and Lengthening of bones and "8 Plate" Growth Plate for correction of angular deformities in children. Shoes and Appliances for treatment of Clubfoot.

OSP & Surgical Disposables Physiotherapy and Rehab

Tourniquets and other Orthopaedic Surgical Products.
Surgical Solutions and Infection Control Items such as Gowns, Masks, Drapes, Microbial Sealant, Sterilization Wraps etc., widely used in Operating Theaters.

Bone Cement, Biomaterials & Plaster Casts, Bracing Products

Full Range on "Palacos" Bone Cement used in Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurosurgery Full Range of 3M Immobilization Products such as POP, Scotchcast, Cast Padding ,
Stockinet etc. "Septopal" Gentamicin PMMA beads "Septocoll E" a resorbable, equine collagen fleece & GPS II PRP System.